An article from

'The Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland'

Published by A.Fullarton and Co. - 1848

Kilmarnock River

KILMARNOCK (The), a considerable rivulet of the district of Cunningham, Ayrshire.
Over most part of its course it is a double stream, or flows in two head-waters.
Both of these rise in the southeast corner of Renfrewshire, 1 mile beyond the
limits of Ayrshire, and at points 3 miles asunder; and they pursue a course
respectively of 9 and 10 miles, in a direction west of south, gradually approaching
each other as they advance, till they unite at Dean-castle. The western or shorter
branch flows past Kingswell inn, and the village of Fenwick, and very generally is
called Fenwick-water; and the eastern branch, after having received from the east a
tributary nearly equal in length and bulk to itself, is overlooked by the tine
mansion and demesne of Craufurdland. The united stream has a course of only 2 miles,
flows past the town of Kilmarnock, and falls into the Irvine 3 furlongs below



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