An article from

'The Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland'

Published by A.Fullarton and Co. - 1848

Martinham Loch

MARTINHAM (Loch), a lake in the parishes of Coylston and Dalrymple, chiefly in the former, in the district of Kyle, Ayrshire. It stretches from north-east to south-west, in a stripe 1 mile in length, and 1 furlong in mean breadth. From Loch-Fergus, a smaller lake lying half-a-mile to the north-west, it receives one stream, and at its own north-eastern extremity it receives another, and these it sends off at its other end, in a stream 2 miles long, to the Doon near Dalrymple church. Its waters abound in pike, perch, and eel, and are frequented by wild geese, wild ducks, the teal, and the widgeon. Some of its pike have weighed nearly 30 pounds. On the bosom of the lake is an islet so completely wooded, as to look like a basket of foliage; amidst its woods are the ruins of an ancient manor-house, 100 feet long, and 30 wide; and both the ruined walls and the trees which surround them are thickly overrun with ivy. On a graceful low promontory on the north-west side of the lake, stands Martinham-lodge; and here and elsewhere the banks are so beautifully sylvan as to render the lake a peculiarly refreshing retreat amid the play of a summer sun's rays.  





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