An article from

'The Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland'

Published by A.Fullarton and Co. - 1848

Loch Ranza

RANZA (LOCH), a bay and hamlet on the north, west coast of Arran, 1 mile from the northern extremity of the island, 5 miles south-south-east of Skipness-point in Kintyre, and 7 miles south-west of Inch-Marnoch, off Bute. The bay is about a mile in length, and 3 furlongs in mean breadth. On the south side, near its head, a commodious natural harbour of great security and much depth is formed by the projection of a small low peninsula. During the season of the herring-fishery, 200 or 300 boats frequent the bay, and may be seen now lying at anchor, while their nets are drying on the beach, and now shooting away in a consentaneous fleet, and opening out in array to drop their nets on the fishing-ground. On the small peninsula of the bay stands Loch-Ranza castle, once a royal hunting-seat, but now a rootless, though otherwise undilapidated, ruin. The structure consists of two castellated square towers, united by connecting walls, and more ornamented than the -majority of old Highland strongholds. There is a chapel-of-ease here. See ARRAN.





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