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'The Topographical, Statistical, and Historical Gazetteer of Scotland'

Published by A.Fullarton and Co. - 1848


SYMINGTON, a parish in the north-west of Kyle, Ayrshire; bounded on the north by Dundonald; on the north-east by Riccarton; on the east by Craigie; on the south by Monkton; and on the west by Monkton and Dundonald. Its length from east to west is about 4 miles; its breadth is about 1¼ mile; and its superficial extent is about 4,000 acres. The surface is a pleasing diversity of gentle rising grounds and sloping fields, frilled over with enclosures, broadly gemmed with plantation, and finely decorated with gentlemen's demesnes. The higher grounds, including the site of the village, command a prospect of the greater part of Ayrshire and the frith of Clyde. The soil is in general clay, or a rich black loam, on a sandstone bottom. Excepting about 300 acres of plantation, nearly the whole area is in tillage. Sandstone and whinstone are quarried, —the former as building material, and the latter as road-metal. Limestone occurs, but cannot be profitably worked. Coal was at one time mined, but has been abandoned. —The village of Symington is an irregular but delightfully situated aggregation of houses on a rocky ground or gentle eminence in the centre of the parish, 7 miles south-east of Irvine, and the same distance north-north-east of Ayr. Its population is about 280. The parish is traversed through the village by the Glasgow and Portpatrick mailroad. Population, in 1801, 668; in 1831, 884. Houses 148. Assessed property, in 1815, £6,178. -Symington is in the presbytery of Ayr, and synod of Glasgow and Ayr. Patron, Lady M. Montgomery. Stipend £246 11s. 9d.; glebe £12. Unappropriated teinds £553 5s. Schoolmaster's salary £34 5s. 10½d., with £50 fees, and £2 5s. other emoluments. There is a non-parochial school. The parish-church is old and of unknown date, but has been repeatedly repaired. —Both this parish and the Lanarkshire Symington derived their name, originally written Symonstoun, from Symon Loccard or Lockhart, who held the lands of both under Walter the 1st Stewart, and was the progenitor of the Lockharts of Lee and other families of the same name. The church of the Kyle-Symington was granted to the convent which was founded at Feil or Faile in Kyle during the year 1252, and continued to be a vicarage till the Reformation.  





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