On the Ayrshire Trail
The Geology of Ayrshire
This article accompanies 'Beneath Our Feet' - A simplified Geology of Ayrshire


This Ayrshire Trail is to accompany the article on the geology of Ayrshire and consists of a drive along the Ayrshire coast picking out the points of geological interest along the way. Simply follow the coast road between Ayr and Stranraer. This is a stunning stretch of coastal scenery and you are bound to have already done the drive many times already. So here is another excuse to do it again and reinforce your knowledge at the same time.
There are lots of safe parking points on the route so you can stop regularly and study the geology article and the scenery in detail and safety. There are also lots of tea, coffee and eating places to make the trip a real day out. It is just over 100 miles round trip (plus the extra distance needed to get to and from your home). Donít forget to use your imagination to visualise the smoking volcanoes and  erupting lava, the miles of ice over your head as well as walking on the sea bed! Have a great day out!




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