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The Old Castle or Mansion of Auchinleck


THIS was the ancient seat of the family of the Boswells, of Auchinleck: the only remains-are the fragment of a ruined wall and window, here shewn. It is said (and indeed seems) to be of great antiquity. It was seated on an insulated rock, standing in the river, and appears to have been very difficult of access. By the disposition of the surrounding rocks it could not ever have been of any considerable magnitude.


THE view here is extremely beautiful, the river running down a deep, rocky, and well wooded glen, somewhat like that of Rosilin and Hawthornden. Wood, particularly the fir, seems to thrive here very much, some firs in the garden measuring ninety-six feet in height, and their circumference, taken a yard above the ground, near seven feet and a half, they are besides remarkably straight and elegant.


IN the adjacent grounds there are the walls of a later mansion, seemingly of the. time of Mary or James VI. These, though at present unroofed, might easily be made habitable.


THESE at present belong to James Boswell, Esq. {1740-1795, A biographer, diarist and travel writer who wrote many great works.} well known to the public by diverse ingenious publications. He resides in a handsome modern seat adjoining.


THE Chartulary of Paisley {A collection of charters, title deeds, grants of privileges, and other documents, especially copies in bound volumes, belonging to a person, family, or corporate body.} records a donation from a gentleman of this family, Sir John de Auchinleck, who, A. D. 1385, gives to the abbot and convent of that house, twenty shillings sterling, per ann. as a compensation for the contempt and violence done to them, in the person of one of the monks, who was emasculated by him and his accomplices. Tradition says, this gentleman caught the monk in an improper situation with his daughter. This view was drawn A. D. 1789.


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