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Dean Castle


THIS was one of the ancient seats of the Boyds, Earls of Kilmarnock, for some time the favourites of King James III. It was forfeited in the year 1745, afterwards sold to the Earl of Glencairne, and in 1789, when this drawing was made, belonged to Miss Scott.


IT lies a small distance from the main road leading from Kilmarnock to Stewarton, and consists of a large vaulted Square tower, which seems to have been built about the beginning of the fifteenth century; this is surrounded by a court and other buildings, apparently more modern. Upon the tower, under a defaced coat of arms, there is this inscription: James Lord of Kilmarnock Dame Katherine Creyk Lady Boyd.


THE Lord James, here commemorated, according to Douglas, died 1654. He was a firm adherent to the royal cause, for which he was by Oliver Cromwell excepted from pardon, and fined fifteen hundred pounds Sterling.


IN this castle, it is said, Lady Margaret (Douglas calls her Mary) sister to King James III. was confined during the life of her husband, Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran, from whom she was divorced, notwithslanding she had borne him two children. The pretext for this divorce was some legal impediment at the time of marriage. Some say it was a prior contract to the Lord Hamilton.


ON her husband and the rest of his family falling under the king's displeasure, She went to Denmark, to acquaint him with it; who thereupon fled for refuge to the courts of France and Flanders. In the mean time King James sent for her. She hoping to make her husband's peace, obeyed the summons, when the divorce was procured. After her husband's death, who died abroad, she was married, A. D. 1471, to the Lord Hamilton, then created Earl of Arran.


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