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Dunure Castle


DUNURE CASTLE is a fine old building, most romantickly situated on the brink of a perpendicular rocky cliff, in some parts overhanging the sea; beneath it is a cavern, called the Browney's Cave, now nearly filled up with rubbish fallen from the rock and building: it is said to have formerly communicated with the castle, and probably served as a sally-port, or secret communication with the sea; as in Dunbar and Turnbury castle. NOTHING.can succeed the sublimity of the prospect from this castle, whence at one coup d'oeil is seen the conical rock of Lamlash and over it the craggy mountains of the Isle of Arran, frequently hiding their heads in the clouds; from hence also may be seen the rock of Ailsa, the coast of Kentire, on both sides of Arran, the coast of Ireland, the islands of Bute and Camreas, and a great part of the bay of Ayr.
By whom, or at what time this castle was built, I have not been able to learn; from its strength and Situation it must formerly have been of consequence as a fortress.

DUNURE CASTLE was an ancient residence of a principal branch of the Kennedy family, who were thence called Kennedy's of Dunure, and generally esteemed the head of that name; the Cassilis family is descended from it, and were proprietors of this estate till the beginning of the present century, when it was sold to the grandfather of the present proprietor, also a descendant from the Kennedys of Dunure. It seems a matter of doubt, whether this castle has been inhabited since the reign of King James VI.

THE former view was taken from an eminence above the castle. This was drawn from the rocks on the shore beneath it, and shows the West side of the keep, and its adjacent building. BOTH views were taken A. D. 1789.



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