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Robert Adam converted the tower house at Culzean (built in the 1400s) into an elegant residence for David Kennedy, 10th Earl of Cassillis, between 1777and 1792.

It had been known as Coif Castle or the House of the Cove taking its nameA tinted lithograph by John Parker Lawson's 'Scotland Delineated' (c1850) (1.3Mb) from the caves below. These are presently being examined by the Trust's archaeologists as you might have seen on the TV documentary.

The recorded history of Culzean starts in 1569 when Sir Thomas Kennedy was given the Culzean estates by his brother the 4th Earl of Cassillis. He began enlarging the house in 1590. As times became more peaceful Culzean became more of a family home.

What can be seen at Culzean to-day is a result of this history and its association with the Kennedy family, Robert Adam and many years of careful restoration by the National Trust for Scotland.

Drawn by W.Daniell, R.A. (1769-1837) & engraved by J.CochraneBecause of the eminence of Robert Adam's work, the NTS focused on the Adam elements of Culzean to the exclusion of the contribution made by the many members of the Kennedy family. Recent research, notably by Eilien Harris, and Professor Michael Moss's research for his book on Culzean pub in 2002, clarified the Adam renewal work of the 3rd Marquis. So a new master plan for Culzean has been implemented aiming to reflect how Culzean has evolved over the centuries. These studies show how this has changed even the placing of paintings, etc. at Culzean to-day.

The lovely new guide book (4-95p) is a mine of up-to-date information and very good value.

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