Inside the Castle

The Outbuildings

Formal Gardens

The Country Park


The Parkland of Culzean Castle
Croy Bay and the sandy beaches below the castle provide plenty of space to relax and enjoy the views.


The new activity centre for kids is a great attraction for the younger visitors.




The park contains millions of trees, including a wide variety of exotic specimens. Many other beautiful plants exist, this Magnolia being one example.


Below is a Camelia.


The deer park is home to many beautiful deer such as this magnificent stag.

This is an aerial view of the Swan Pond. The castle is the left of the photo. The Earls planted some 5 million trees on the estate.

The east end of the Swan Pond with the reed beds. The pond has top be regularly cleared of water lilies to prevent it becoming totally chocked.

Swans on the pond! This is taken at the aviary end at the bottom of the slope leading up to the Pagoda.


The park is home to a vast range of wildlife including this Peregrine and the Red Squirrel below. 




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