Crossraguel Abbey from the South.

Introduction and Prefatory Note


The Name

The Founding of the Abbey

The Building of the Abbey

A Peep within the Walls

Incidents in its History

The Abbot's Debate with John Knox

The Roasting of the Commendator

Present Condition



The Rev. Roderick Lawson was a remarkable man. On this site we have the complete contents of his book on Crossraguel Abbey. Follow the link to the Maybole site for further extracts from his writings and an excellent description of his life:

Crossraguel Abbey

A History and a Description


by Rev. Roderick Lawson (1831 - 1907)

published by L and R Parlane, Paisley - 1883


Prefatory Note

I am indebted for several of the facts of this book to an interesting and able work, on the History of Paisley Abbey, by Dr. Cameron Lees, of St. Giles's Church, Edinburgh. One or two of the incidents are taken from the " Historic of the Kennedyis," an old book, by an unknown author, published by the Bannatyne Club. A rare book, entitled, "A coppie of the ressoning, which was betuix the Abbote of Crosraguell and John Knox, in Mayboill, concerning the Masse, in the year of God, a thousand five hundreth thre scoir and two yeares," has supplied the facts regarding the Great Debate. The rest has been furnished by local tradition and other sources. To Mr. James A. Morris, F.S.A., Scot, my thanks are specially due, for friendly discussions regarding the recent investigation of the ruins, which he has undertaken, at the instance of the Ayrshire and Wigtownshire Archaeological Society.

R. L.

Where is Crossraguel Abbey?



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