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Aucheleffan, stone setting 550m NW of Auchencar,standing stone Auchengallon,cairn 150m WSW of Ballmalloch,chambered cairn Ballochmyle Viaduct,rock carvings 280m NE of Bealach Gaothar,ring cairn 700m NW of Largybeg Bencallen Hill,chambered cairn Blackshaw Quarry,cup & ring marked rock 320m S of Blacksidend,cairn Blarbuie,cairn 300m SW of Blarbuie,stone setting 330m NE of Bridge Farm,stone settings 500m NNW and 1040m NW of Bushglen Mount,ENE of Bushglen Cairn Hill,cairn 350m W of Dalquharran Castle Cairn Table,two cairns Carn Ban,chambered cairn,Arran Clachaig, chambered cairn Cuff Hill Plantation, long cairn Dunan Beag, chambered cairn and standing stone Dunan Mor, chambered cairn, Lamlash East Bennan,long cairn East Mayish,standing stone 100m ESE of Enterkine,barrow 550m ENE of Estate Office,standing stones 500m NE of Finnarts Bridge,cairn 620m SE of Gallow Hill,settlement and ring-ditch 320m N of Girvan Mains Garleffin,standing stones and mesolithic settlement Glaisnock,ring-ditch 140m SE of Glen Garr,cairn Haylie House, chambered cairn Kennel Mount cairn, Culzean Country Park Kilpatrick,dun,enclosure,hut circles,cairn and field system 1km S of Kingscross,Viking burial mound & dun Knock Jargon,cairn & fort Lamlash Road, stone circle Lawthorn Mount,mound Lyonston,standing stone 250m ESE of Machrie Farm,cairn,hut circles and cultivation remains 800m S of Machrie Farm,standing stone 1100m NE of Machrie Farm,stone setting 1450m NE of Moss Farm, Machrie Moor, stone circles, cairns, hut-circles and fields Moss Farm,cairn 870m WNW of Mote Hill,barrow 300m NNW of Coalpots Bridge North Sannox, cairn 420m E of Sannox,chambered cairn Sliddery, chambered cairn Stronach Wood, prehistoric rock carvings 700m WSW of Brodick School The Doon,fort and standing stones Tormore, long cairn 875m SSE of Crochandoon Torran Loisgte, chambered cairn 100m ENE of, Arran Torrylin,chambered long cairn 610m SW of