Programme September 2012 to 2013

Thurs 20 Sep 2012 Steve Jackson-Matthews – Badgers of Ayrshire
Steve is a skilled ecologist and holds a trusteeship of Scottish Badgers and is the chairman of the Strathclyde Badger and Mammal Group. He will be telling us about the state and issues associated with our local badger populations.
Thurs 18 Oct 2012Denis Rattenbury – Beneath Our Feet: An Introduction to the Geology of Ayrshire
Denis will be taking us on a geological journey through Ayrshire covering the millions of years of activity that shaped our countryside and seascapes.
Thurs 15 Nov 2012Dougal McIntyre – The Agates of Dunure
The area around Dunure is famous for its beautiful agates as a result of the volcanic activity in the past. Having written a book on the agates of Dunure, Dougal will be telling us about these fascinating rocks.
Thurs 13 Dec 2012Quiz night
Just for fun!
Thurs 17 Jan 2013History sites to visit!
Following the success of this evening last year, we’ll be in touch in December looking for volunteers to show a few pictures and say a few words about a site of historical interest visited during this year. John will do any scanning and preparation needed.
Thurs 21 Feb 2013Jonathan Bryant - The First NTS Signature Project: Brodick Castle
Brodick Castle is the first NTS ‘signature project’ so is undergoing an intensive and radical re-evaluation of the potential for improvement across all aspects of conservation and visitor experience at the property. Jonathan is project manager, and will be telling us about the project and the progress that is being made.
Thurs 21 Mar 2013Barry McCorquindale – The (18th Century) Grand Tour and Robert Adam
Barry will be discussing the idea of the Grand Tour, places visited, some thoughts from Travellers who undertook it (including Robert Adam and James Boswell) and how it influenced Adam as an architect.
Thurs 18 Apr 2013Alistair Deayton and Iain Quinn – 200 years of Clyde Paddle Steamers
The Waverley is the last paddle steamer to ply the Clyde. Alistair and Iain will be giving us a glimpse of the previous 200 years of these wonderful vessels from their new book on the subject.
Thurs 16 May 2013AGM
For members only, our AGM will be held in the Education Pavilion at Burn’s Cottage in Alloway with the meeting starting at 7:30pm. After the business is over we will be enjoying a series of historical photographs from in and around Girvan selected by George Ferguson.
June (probably) 2013Summer Outing to be arranged