Programme September 2016 to 2017

Thurs 15th Sep 2016

Pat Kane – Songs about Ayrshire

A different start to our talks programme! Pat will be telling us some stories of Ayrshire and singing songs about them.
Thurs 20th Oct 2016

Denis Rattenbury – Driving Before Internal Combustion

What was it like to drive the wide range of horse-drawn vehicles that some of us (almost) remember from our youth? As the specialist guide for this era at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow, he will add examples from the museum collection.

Thurs 17th Nov 2016

Allan Dunlop - The Age of Horse & Musket - A Collectors View

Allan will be discussing his superb collection of antique long guns and pistols (flintlock & percussion) spanning the period 1760 – 1870. His talk will cover his collection, why he built his collection and how the 18th century British Government. acquired its small arms and how the British Army used them.

Thurs 8th Dec 2016 Members only quiz night with cheese and wine (and fruit juice!)
Just for fun!
Thurs 19th Jan 2017Members only talk:
John Rattenbury -A History of Beer, Wine and Spirits

Followed by cheese and wine, etc
Thurs 16th Feb 2017

Dane Love - The Covenanters of Ayrshire

Dane is a well known speaker and extensive writer on a wide range of historical Ayrshire topics and has written several books on the covenanters of Ayrshire. 

Thurs 16th Mar 2017David Hopes – Burn’s Monument

David is Property Manager of the National Trust for Scotland’s Robert Burns Birthplace Museum. The Burn’s Monument in the gardens behind the museum a due for a major refurbishment. David will be talking about the monument and updating us on progress with the project.
Thurs 20th Apr 2017

Isabel Garret -The Hunterston Brooch

The Hunterston Brooch is a highly important Celtic brooch found near Hunterston, North Ayrshire. Made within a few decades of 700 AD, the Brooch is cast in silver, gilt, and set with pieces of amber, and decorated with interlaced animal bodies in gold filigree.

Thurs 18th May 2017 Members only - AGM followed by a talk and cheese and wine, etc.

Our AGM will be held in the Education Pavilion at Burn’s Cottage in Alloway with the meeting starting at 7:30pm. After the business is over there will be a talk followed by some light refreshments.
June (probably) 2015

Members only - Summer outing to be arranged

Details will be sent out nearer the day.