Programme September 2017 to 2018

Thurs 21st Sep 2017

Jimmy McGee 150 Years of Farming Equipment The development of farming equipment, especially over the past 150 years, has transformed agricultural productivity. Jimmy is a collector and expert on this subject and will be leading us through these developments.

Thurs 19th Oct 2017

Ronnie Breighan Numismatics: Coin Collecting

Ronnie will be telling us about his passion for numismatics; the study & collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects and the broader study of money and other payment media used to resolve debts and the exchange of goods.

Thurs 16th Nov 2017

John Rattenbury From Ancient Egypt to Glasgow:  The story of the sarcophagus of Pabasa

The talk will look at the history of Egypt around the 26th dynasty, the role of the Great Steward, Pabasa, and how his sarcophagus became a key feature of the Egyptian gallery in Kelvingrove museum and Art Gallery.

Thurs 21st Dec 2017 Members only quiz night with cheese and wine (and fruit juice!)
Just for fun!
Thurs 18th Jan 2018Members only talk:
Video of the restoration of Knock Castle, followed by cheese and wine, etc.
Knock Old Castle, near Largs, dates to the 14th-century and has been fantastically resurrected over a 5-year long project, into a truly unique, whimsical, fairy-tale castle.
Thurs 15th Feb 2018

Melvin Gibson Robert Burns and the Suffragettes: Bicycles and Bombs

The background, characters and motivations involved in the attempt by Suffragettes to blow up Burns Cottage in 1914.

Thurs 15th Mar 2018Denis Rattenbury The collapse of Douglas, Heron and Company, the Ayr Bank, in 1772

This banking crisis had catastrophic ramifications for Ayrshire and beyond. It seriously affected the Burns family at Mount Oliphant and Lochlea.
Thurs 19th Apr 2018

Sheona Cameron - Jean Armour

 Jean Armour, Robert Burns true love and most faithful companion. Sheona will be introducing us to this remarkable lady.

Thurs 17th May 2017 Members only:
AGM, then Stanley Sarsfield The Eglinton Tournament (followed by cheese and wine) 

After the AGM, Stanley will be telling us about the1839 Eglinton Tournament. The tournament was a romantic re-enactment of a medieval joust, funded and organized by Archibald, Earl of Eglinton, which took place at Eglinton Castle in Ayrshire. Many distinguished visitors took part, including Prince Louis Napoleon, the future Emperor of the French.
Sat 9th June 2018

Members only - Summer outing to Blair Castle Carriage House

We will be visiting the Carriage House and enjoying some refreshments there. Tickets and details will be available nearer the day.